Oil & Gas

Over 30 years of experience delivering high-performance solutions to topside structures. Our Firestop technology meets and exceeds the standards required by the industry. Our solutions cover Passive Fire Protection, Fire water systems, Corrosion Protection and more.

The technology can be tailored to suit customer specific challenges, in accordance with international standards.


By using rubber-based materials, we are able to ensure that the lifetime of our products will last the lifetime of the structure they are installed on. Our products have a lifetime of 30+ years with minimum maintenance requirements.


Our engineering team works to continuously improve our products to ensure they meet the highest standards and are competitive in the markets they operate.


Due to the nature of our products and systems, not only are they physically flexible, we provide flexibility to our clients through ensuring there is no downtime, quick installation processes and providing products fitting into tight inaccessible areas with ease.


  • FPSO

  • Oil and gas platforms

  • Living quarters


Corrosion Protection

Elastopipe™ Flexible Piping System

Elastomeric Bearings

Gaskets and Seals


Riser Protection

Drain Gullies

Pipe Penetration Seals

Fire Seals

Firenut and Belt

Rubber Lining

Success Stories

Image of three pipes fitted with passive fire protection rubber.

Jet Firestop on Rigid Risers with additional Thermal properties

Men working on-site

Materials expertise supports unique topside safety and protection requirements

Underneath view of man working on offshore site with Elastopipe fire

From survey to completion in six weeks

Birds eye view of men installing Elastopipe on offshore structure

Deluge and sprinkler safety system in Australia

Underneath view of man working on offshore site with Elastopipe fire

Certified safety in the gulf of Mexico

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