Fire Seals

A wide-ranging family of engineered sealing products with weather and fire integrity functionality

Our fire seals are flexible seal connections between rigid metal sections, capable of handling large displacements and absorbing misalignments and angular deviations. The fire seals maintain fire barriers and are available in a variety of standard options. They can also be tailormade designed for special situations. Choose from pipe penetration, sealing between structures and modules, escape tunnel seals for safety, or seals to protect essential equipment such as bearings and valves.

These flexible rubber seals provide:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Robust and impact resistant
  • Absorbs vibrations and reduces noise transfer
  • Protection against jet-fires, corrosion, impact and blasts
  • No hot work required
  • Tailored specifications to suit individual project requirements

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Image of three pipes fitted with passive fire protection rubber.

Jet Firestop on Rigid Risers with additional Thermal properties

The application of passive fire protection (PFP) needed to be carried both at our site and applied to field joints offshore.

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