Flexible Piping System

In an emergency, it is paramount that the deluge system delivers water where it is needed at the correct pressure, no matter the situation. Having a reliable fire water deluge system ensures that in the event of a fire, people and valuable assets are protected.

Elastopipe™ is a unique, corrosion-free, explosion, impact, and jet fire resistant flexible piping system. The system is made of synthetic rubber and has been used in demanding offshore applications for more than 20 years. Elastopipe™ is available in two versions: Fire Resistant (FR) for fresh water, seawater and firewater, and Fire and Oil Resistant (FOR) for the flow of liquid hydrocarbons and aggressive chemicals. Elastopipe™ is quick and easy to install requiring no welding and no hot work. Once fitted it is virtually maintenance-free. Elastopipe™ is suitable for use in all climates from arctic to tropical while also in aggressive environments, such as offshore and industrial. The piping system has extreme jet-fire and corrosion resistant properties as well as high mechanical, abrasion, blast, and impact resistance.



Elastopipe™ is quick and easy to installation and once fitted it is virtually maintenance-free, requiring no welding and no hot work.

Jet and hydrocarbon fire resistant, 100% corrosion free, No hot work, no maintenance

This active fireproofing, flexible piping system provides:
• Quick and easy installation
• Corrosion free
• Resistance to blast, impact and jet fire
• Resistant to ozone, UV, seawater and most solvents


Development of the Elastopipe™ system
In 1996 the Elastopipe™ Development Project started together with Statoil, Hydro, Amoco, Phillips and the Norwegian Navy as key partners.


First Offshore Installation
The first commercial installation of the Elastopipe™ system was on board the Tor platform on the Ekofisk Complex on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


Growth in the North Sea
Several additional operators in the North Sea approved the piping specifications for Elastopipe™.


Growth in International Markets
Elastopipe™ became a respected and approved solution across several key markets on an international scale.


First installation of Elastopipe™ on a FPSO
Elastopipe™ entered the FPSO market as a solution for deluge firewater systems.


Increased efficiency of Elastopipe™ installation
The use of rope access for Elastopipe™ installation had become well established across the industry. This made the installation of firewater systems even more efficient for operators


20 year anniversary of Elastopipe™ being installed offshore
In 1998, Elastopipe™ was installed Offshore for the first time and still remains today.


Major Breakthrough for Elastopipe™ in Mexico
The delivery of a complete Elastopipe™ system including all materials, engineering and installation, represents a significant contribution to improve safety on board offshore platforms in the region


Major Breakthrough for Elastopipe™ in Malaysia
A contract signed between our exclusive Elastopipe™ distributor in Malaysia and Petronas, the national operator, represents a significant step towards expanding the improvement of offshore safety globally.


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