We have been an expert supplier to the renewable energy sector for over a decade. We design, manufacture, deliver and install solutions for offshore wind, hydropower, solar energy and much more. Our experience is vast and our knowledge within rubber-based material solutions is unrivalled.

With the renewable industry still developing rapidly, we are taking our experience from offshore oil and gas and reinventing.


We make it simple for our customers to approach us with a challenge, pass on to our engineers and design an optimized solution. We do not believe in over-engineering and strive to make your experience efficient and successful with simple designs, delivery and installation.


Our unique rubber-based materials have been developed from our polymer expertise, designed for durability in the harshest offshore conditions. The performance of our products have stood the test of time and remain in use for over a decade on projects such as the Sheringham Shoal Windfarm.


As polymer experts we understand the need for flexibility in all aspects of our business, from designing and producing our products to the delivery and installation. The demanding nature of the renewables industry requires a flexible approach to providing our products and services.


  • Offshore Wind
  • Hydropower
  • Solar Energy
  • Batteries
  • Hydrogen and Ammonia


Elastomeric Bearings

Corrosion Protection

Elastopipe™ Flexible Piping System

Success Stories

Elastomeric bearings for Sheringham Shoal

Replacement of firewater piping system on Dolwin2

Farris Brua bridge in Larvik, Norway

Dampening vibrations for Farris Bridge

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