Corrosion Protection

Significant elasticity, Anti-fouling, Cathodic disbondment

Wherever steel is exposed to corrosion; it can be protected with a robust rubber lining. A platform’s riser pipes can be protected from corrosion by applying an elastomer coating. Elastomer coating is widely recognized in the offshore industry as the most effective method of riser corrosion protection, particularly in the highly corrosive splash zone. Our solution uses elastomers which are chemically resistant to most corrosive liquids, gases, salt water, ozone, and UV-light. Because of its elasticity and strength, this material wears extremely well. It provides excellent protection against sharp and abrasive particles, including mechanical impact protection. This solution has a temperature range of -50°C/-58°F to 155°C/311°F.

Benefits of using our rubber-based solution:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Impact protection
  • Protection against sharp and abrasive particles
  • Wide range of rubber options
  • Increased lifetime

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Fire and corrosion protection for defense applications

Fire and corrosion protection for defense applications

Fire and corrosion remain two of the greatest threats in the defense industry, concerning the safety of personnel and also the performance and longevity of military equipment and technology.

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