For 30 years we have been delivering high performing solutions to protect people, valuable assets, and structures within the defense industry. We are a global player supplying protection solutions to Navy programs, submarines, aircraft systems, missile systems, land-based transport and more. We are a certified supplier to national defense programs in several international, NATO countries.


People and structures operating in the defense industry are facing extraordinary conditions and risks including: fire, corrosion, high temperatures, water damage and much more. Our unique blend of rubber compounds forces our solutions to maintain their integrity, strength and properties against demanding environments.


We have years of experience partnering with organizations to ensure we create solutions that are designed and engineered to exact specifications. Our team has the ability to elevate a current product or work with our R&D team in combination with our client to design something new.


The solutions we offer to the defense industry are high-performance, elastomer-based and can endure decades of wear without the need for maintenance. Due to the expert engineered designs, rigorous testing and professional installation, our solutions offer the highest level of protection.


  • Navy Ship
  • Submarines
  • Aircraft
  • Missile
  • Land-based transport


BV206 Tracks


Elastopipe™ Flexible Piping System

Rubber Lining

Corrosion Protection

Gaskets and Seals

Vikodeck® Shield


Protecting structures and critical equipment from fire hazards is of paramount importance. Having effective and reliable surface protection is vital to ensuring on-board safety and protection of assets.

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Vipo Awarded Significant Contract by Austal USA to Provide Vikodeck® Shield

Fire and corrosion protection for defense applications

Maintaining traction in the harshest conditions

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