Passive Fire Protection

Protecting people, equipment and infrastructure from fire can be a challenge. Focusing on fire prevention rather than firefighting, is the best way to reduce risk and protect your most valuable assets. Utilizing a combination of fire prevention solutions will provide the greatest fire prevention and risk reducing strategy.

Firestop Products


Engineered rubber tile used to protect any surface from fire and heavy impact while limiting corrosion and noise.

Firenut and Belt

Engineered to provide jet-fire protection for bolted connections, extending service life in event of a fire.

Drain Gullies

Designed to eliminate concentrations of stress, promoting fire integrity between modules and allowing spillages to drain efficiently

Fire Seals

Flexible seal connections, capable of handling large displacements and absorbing misalignments and angular deviations.

Pipe Penetration Seals

Prefabricated flexible seals, made from layers of durable materials, and tailormade to accommodate most structures.

Riser Protection

Significantly delays escalation of temperature rise in flexible risers.


Provides additional protection against mechanical damage and is designed for ultimate performance.

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Image of three pipes fitted with passive fire protection rubber.

Jet Firestop on Rigid Risers with additional Thermal properties

The application of passive fire protection (PFP) needed to be carried both at our site and applied to field joints offshore.
Men working on-site

Materials expertise supports unique topside safety and protection requirements

Equinor is an energy company with more than 21,000 employees developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries.
Fire and corrosion protection for defense applications

Fire and corrosion protection for defense applications

Fire and corrosion remain two of the greatest threats in the defense industry, concerning the safety of personnel and also the performance and longevity of military equipment and technology.

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Ben-Erik Jansen
Business Group Manager

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Technical Sales Manager

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