Pipe Penetration Seals

Flexible rubber based seals protecting pipes at the penetration location 

Pipe penetration seals are prefabricated flexible seals, made from layers of durable materials. The seals are tailormade to accommodate most structures and geometries.  Focusing on protecting the pipe at the penetration location, the seals allow movement of the pipe during operation.

These fire resistant, flexible seals provide:

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Maintenance free
  • Hydrocarbon, jet and 350kWm² fire resistant
  • Blast tested
  • No hot work required when installing
  • Fire, mechanical and wear protection
  • Tailormade to specifications

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Image of three pipes fitted with passive fire protection rubber.

Jet Firestop on Rigid Risers with additional Thermal properties

The application of passive fire protection (PFP) needed to be carried both at our site and applied to field joints offshore.

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