Our History

From a local rubber factory manufacturing galoshes to a global polymer pioneer providing innovative solutions for a wide range of major industries – that’s the story of Vipo, which has successfully built up some 125 years of knowledge and expertise.

Founded in 1896, Vipo is Norway’s oldest rubber factory. In 1896 the factory was known as ‘Den Norske Galosche & Gummivarefabrikk’, which represented exactly what was being manufactured at the time – galoshes and other rubber products. As rubber footwear production began to be phased out, the factory rebranded itself in 1952 as ‘Mjøndalen Gummivarefabrikk’. The change of name saw the factory expanding its offering and come to be known for its material expertise rather than the products being manufactured.

What has happened over the last 50 years?

In 1971, the name changed again, this time to ‘Viking Mjøndalen’. Globalization kicked in, and what had been the local rubber factory now became a player on the international scene, producing rubber boots, tyres, hoses, and a range of other rubber-based items.

In 1994, Trelleborg purchased the factory and global expansion really began. By 2009, the factory was part of a global business group, with sister companies operating out of the UK and USA under the Trelleborg Offshore brand.

Today, Vipo – with its roots in a local rubber factory – draws on its rich history and enters a new phase in its dynamic, innovative, global journey.


First corrosion protection delivered


Vikotherm® developed and launched with 3 nominations achieved at ONS


First subsea pipeline insulated with wet insulation using Vikotherm® R1


First generation of Firestop passive fire protection material


Flexible piping system Elastopipe™ launched


First installation of Elastopipe™ on board defense vessel


Vikotherm® applied for the first time on large scale project in West Africa


Developed and launched 2nd generation Firestop passive fire protection material


Launch of Vikotherm® R3, subsea thermal insulation


Trelleborg Offshore Norway AS becomes Vipo AS