Insulation and Coating

Subsea thermal insulation and coating is necessary to avoid the formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-up in subsea structures. The build-up begins when the oil/gas composition temperature is not maintained and begins to cool. Without thermal insulation the cold seawater rapidly cools down the oil, forming hydrate/wax blockages, making it impossible for a safe flow. Thermal insulation materials prevent formation of these blockages during a shutdown scenario or during normal operations.

Vikotherm® R3

Hand applied, increased temperature and depth performance, flexible with high adhesion strength

Vikotherm® R3 is the latest generation of thermal insulation material. The material is made from a unique blend of commercial rubbers, providing unlimited water depth capability and performance in high temperatures up to 180oC.

The hand applied system provides:

  • Minimal upfront engineering and design time
  • Faster application rates
  • Simple site mobilization
  • Excellent adhesion performance


Vikotherm® R2

Flexible and robust, Hydrolysis resistant, good adhesion to metallic and non-metallic materials

Vikotherm R2 is a rubber-based subsea thermal insulation material combining flexibility and robustness, to protect the entire lifespan of a subsea installation.

The three layer coating system provides:

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • High elongation
  • Optimal U-value
  • Suitable for hot wet applications up to 155oC


Vikotherm® S1

Increased thermal and hydrolytic stability, improved thermal conductivity and heat capacity, extremely flexible and resistant to cracking

Vikotherm® S1 is a silicone thermal insulation material that sets a new standard in insulation performance based on advanced, non-syntactic silicone technology.

The castable material provides:

  • High elongation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Increased thermal and hydrolytic stability


Vikotherm® G3

Low thermal conductivity, flexibility and resistance to cracking, enhanced joint strength

Vikotherm® G3 is a non-mercury catalyzed glass syntactic polyurethane insulation system. It can be applied across all geographical deepwater locations.

The glass syntactic polyurethane insulation system provides:

  • Low density
  • Tensile strength
  • Low thermal conductivity



Insulation and Coating

Thermal insulation materials prevent formation of these blockages during a shutdown scenario or during normal operations. Vipo offers a a wide range of materials for wet insulation systems.

Vikotherm® IC

Proven cover performance, range of installation methods, tailored design

Vikotherm® IC are engineered insulation covers using materials from our establish and qualified Vikotherm® Thermal Insulation range to accommodate all combinations of temperature and water depths.

These tailored thermal insulation covers provide:

  • Suitability for high-temperature applications
  • Range of installation methods
  • Submerged weight control
  • Tailored designs


Vikotherm® P7

Extremely durable, suitable for deep water use, high temperature resistance

Vikotherm® P7 has an industry track record over three decades, recognized as the benchmark of subsea insulation systems. It’s thermal properties provide good cool down steady-state performance.

This solid polyurethane insulation material provides:

  • A range of operating temperatures
  • Tensile strength and elongation
  • Thermal properties
  • Advanced application methods with minimal restrictions


Vikotherm® PP

Excellent tolerance to moisture and heat, high thermal capacity, limitless operating depth

Vikotherm® PP is a thermoplastic, thermal insulation and corrosion protection system used for extreme depths and temperatures in demanding subsea environments.

This polypropelene thermal insulation system provides:

  • Corrosion and mechanical protection plus thermal insulation in one
  • Excellent dimensional reliability
  • Resistance to impact loads and cracking
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Very low water uptake


Products Type of product Temparature
Limit hot/wet
Depth limit
Vikotherm® R2 Syntactic Rubber 180/350 3,000/9,800
Vikotherm® S1 Solid Silicone 150/300 3,000/9,800
Vikotherm® R3 Solid Rubber 180/350 Unlimited
Vikotherm® P7 Solid Polyurethane 90/195 Unlimited
Vikotherm® PT Polypropylene tape 90/195 2,000/6,500
Vikotherm® G3 Syntactic Polyurethane 60/140 1,800/5,900

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