Insulation and Coating

Subsea thermal insulation and coating is necessary to avoid the formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-up in subsea structures. The build-up begins when the oil/gas composition temperature is not maintained and begins to cool. Without thermal insulation the cold seawater rapidly cools down the oil, forming hydrate/wax blockages, making it impossible for a safe flow. Thermal insulation materials prevent formation of these blockages during a shutdown scenario or during normal operations.

Vikotherm® Products

Vikotherm® R3

Hand applied, increased temperature and depth performance, flexible with high adhesion strength.

Vikotherm® R2

Flexible and robust, Hydrolysis resistant, good adhesion to metallic and non-metallic materials.

Vikotherm® S1

Increased thermal and hydrolytic stability, improved thermal conductivity and heat capacity.

Vikotherm® G3

Low thermal conductivity, flexibility and resistance to cracking, enhanced joint strength

Vikotherm® IC

Proven cover performance, range of installation methods, tailored design.

Vikotherm® P7

Extremely durable, suitable for deep water use, high temperature resistance.

Vikotherm® PP

Excellent tolerance to moisture and heat, high thermal capacity, limitless operating depth.
Products Type of product Temparature
Limit hot/wet
Depth limit
Vikotherm® R2 Syntactic Rubber 180/350 3,000/9,800
Vikotherm® S1 Solid Silicone 150/300 3,000/9,800
Vikotherm® R3 Solid Rubber 180/350 Unlimited
Vikotherm® P7 Solid Polyurethane 90/195 Unlimited
Vikotherm® PT Polypropylene tape 90/195 2,000/6,500
Vikotherm® G3 Syntactic Polyurethane 60/140 1,800/5,900

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Customer coating thermal insulation of three off flow bases for a high temperature, deep water project in West Africa.

Custom Coating Thermal Insulation for West Africa project

Vipo have successfully completed customer coating thermal insulation of three off flow bases for a high temperature, deep water project in West Africa.
Vipo worker analysing Vikotherm® R3 insulation.

Next Generation Subsea Manifold Insulation Working Remote

A unique insulation solution for use in a high temperature environment, with the application being done on site at the customer's facilities in Australia.
Vikotherm® R2 insulation material, for piping and forming part of the Åsgard subsea compression system.

High level performance for worlds first subsea gas compression facility

Located on the Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea, about 200 kilometers from mid-Norway, Åsgard is a central hub and a significant oil and gas producer.

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