Oil & Gas

We have decades of experience within the oil and gas sector, specifically in providing subsea solutions. Our Vikotherm® subsea thermal insulation and coating range was developed in the 1980’s and has been reinvented ever since.

We are continuously focused on ensuring our materials are up to todays standards, competitive in the market and providing key value.


With over 40 years of global experience within the Oil & Gas sector, we have the capabilities to provide high-performance solutions and installation on a global scale. We specialize in thermal insulation and coatings and can accommodate a range of needs and specifications.


Our solutions can be tailored to suit specific requirements and standards. We are also able to partner with our customers to create total bespoke solutions for new and sudden challenges.


The lifetime of our products last the lifetime of the structure. No matter what our client’s situation, size of system or structure, our solutions will ensure minimal heat loss and provide cost efficient insulation.


  • XMT’s

  • Field Joints

  • Manifolds

  • Doghouses

  • Jumpers


  • Flexible & Rigid Risers

  • Valves and actuators

  • MPFM’s

  • Other sensitive subsea equipment


Corrosion Protection

Vikotherm® R3

Vikotherm® R2

Vikotherm® S1

Vikotherm® IC

Vikotherm® P7

Vikotherm® G3

Vikotherm® PP

Success Stories

Customer coating thermal insulation of three off flow bases for a high temperature, deep water project in West Africa.

Custom Coating Thermal Insulation for West Africa project

Vipo worker analysing Vikotherm® R3 insulation.

Next Generation Subsea Manifold Insulation Working Remote

Vikotherm® R2 insulation material, for piping and forming part of the Åsgard subsea compression system.

High level performance for worlds first subsea gas compression facility

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