BV206 Tracks

Hägglunds BV206, Tracked vehicles, All-terrain carrier

We have designed, manufactured, and delivered rubber tracks for Hägglunds BV206 belted wagons for a number of years, delivering our tracks for the defense industry around the world, as well as to private BV206 owners.

One of the main advantages of belted vehicles is their very low ground pressure, making them suitable for surfaces with poor bearing capacity, such as swamps, mud, and snow. In addition, they are a preferred vehicle in rough terrain and on loose substrates.

These extremely durable rubber tracks provide:

  • No need for modifications or adjustments
  • Increased stability
  • Easily replaceable with Hägglund’s original belts

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Maintaining traction in the harshest conditions

Maintaining traction in the harshest conditions

As an experienced supplier of rubber-based protection systems, we are required to ensure products are certified to the highest standards.

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