Vipo Awarded Significant Contract by Austal USA to Provide Vikodeck® Shield

June 2022

Vipo has been awarded a contract by global ship builder and defense contractor, Austal USA, to provide Vikodeck® Shield to the flight decks on two Spearhead-class Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) ships for the first time, allowing V-22 aircraft to operate.

This will be used as a thermal mitigation system to protect the flight deck from elevated temperatures caused by the V-22 aircrafts taking off and landing. The system will also provide impact protection, a non-skid surface and chemical resistance.

Doug Marti, Sales Manager at Vipo’s operation in Norway, states: “We are delighted Vipo has been selected by Austal USA to supply Vikodeck® Shield on the flight deck on the U.S. Navy EPF ships. This will allow V-22 aircraft to operate from the EPF ships for the first time, which will increase overall mission capabilities.”

Vikodeck® Shield has met rigorous navy qualification testing for its unique thermal capabilities, anti-skid properties and its resistance to corrosive chemicals typically found on navy vessels. Testing has been conducted in line with the specifications required by the US Navy, including direct chemical soaking and non-skid properties.

Svein Gabrielsen, Lead Engineer at Vipo’s operation in Norway, states: “Vikodeck® Shield can withstand and tolerate severe operating conditions including dropped objects, high temperature exhaust, and extreme fire scenarios. We are really proud to provide a solution that ensures safe operating condition for navy personnel.”

Vikodeck® Shield is an engineered rubber tile, suitable for application on any surface requiring a high level of protection. Made using Vipo’s Firestop material technology, Vikodeck® Shield provides the highest levels of thermal mitigation, passive fire protection, durability, and corrosion protection.

Austal USA is a ship manufacturer headquartered in Mobile, Ala. with service centers in San Diego and Singapore.  With the addition of the most modern steel panel line in the shipbuilding industry, Austal USA’s modern facility is capable of supporting the manufacture of both aluminum and steel ships.  Austal USA leverages a moving module production line and strict adherence to lean manufacturing principles to consistently deliver on-schedule and on-budget.  Austal USA is currently under contract to build the Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), the Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF), and the Navajo-class Towing, Salvage and Rescue ships (T-ATS) and is supporting Navy unmanned vessel programs leveraging its advanced machinery control system. The EPF ships are high speed vessels that provide fast, intra-theater transportation of troops, military vehicles and equipment with aviation support. The American multi-mission V-22 aircraft is a military aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing, and short takeoff and landing capabilities.