Replacement of firewater piping system on Dolwin2

In 2022, Vipo’s Elastopipe™ system made its debut into the renewables market. TenneT had began researching the replacement of the firewater piping system on DolWin2, a high voltage direct current (HVDC) link, transmitting offshore wind power by connecting offshore wind farms to the mainland grid. When DolWin2 was installed in 2016, it was the worlds biggest offshore HVDC platform and after only a few years in operation, corrosion issues had appeared.

TenneT’s innovative supply chain partner contacted Vipo to understand how Elastopipe™ could solve the corrosion problems that they were facing. It was important for one of the largest platforms to not close down operations. With the necessity to have the production running, installation of the firewater system had to be done without disturbing or affecting ongoing operation.

Vipo’s Elastopipe™ system would not only replace the current firewater piping system but provide long-lasting corrosion prevention to secure the supply of firewater for the entire lifetime of the platform.

..Elastopipe™ installed inside the process area

The robustness and extreme level of fire resistance that Elastopipe™ offers increased the safety standards during operation. The flexibility and absence of hot work required during installation, significantly reduced installation time and the temporary solution that was put in place during installation, meant that safety standards would remain high as operation was able to continue undisturbed.

When the system is ready installed it will remain maintenance-free for the lifetime of the platform. Vipo is a proud supplier to the Energy industry and has years of experience demonstrating the ability to develop unique solutions to very specific challenges using expert material knowledge.

The world’s biggest HVDC platform at the Albel yard in Haugesund