Elastomeric Bearings

Flexible without being compromised, Handles heavy loads in rough environments, Custom design

Elastomeric Bearings are designed and manufactured to meet specific project demands and requirements. The bearings provide flexible support points used in constructions to handle vertical, horizontal, or rotational loads.

These flexible rubber-based elastomeric bearings provide:

  • Construction flexibility
  • Shock and vibration damping
  • Tailored designs to fit specific requirements

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Shock absorbers eliminate impact loads for offshore wind

Shock absorbers eliminate impact loads for offshore wind

The conditions that offshore wind turbine installation teams and vessels face can be grueling. High winds, heavy loads and rough seas make for tricky waters to complete a successful installation.
Elastomeric bearings for Sheringham Shoal

Elastomeric bearings for Sheringham Shoal

In 2010, Statoil had planned to begin the construction of an offshore wind farm off the coast of England, in the North Sea.
Farris Brua bridge in Larvik, Norway

Dampening vibrations for Farris Bridge

The new Farris Bridge is designed with high-rise slanted towers, which are visually stunning but have the side effect of creating vibrations or large rotations and movements.

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