NexTeneTM GPX03

NexTeneTM GPX03 is a two-component thermoset system, to be mixed with a 50/1 ratio, processed by Reaction Injection Molding.

It can be used in combination of glass fibers, carbon fibers and many other charges or mineral reinforcement. The GPX03 provide outstanding impact properties and damage tolerance to composites, always with the intrinsic light weight of PDCPD.

  • Toughness
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Very low viscosity allowing very fast infusion
  • Adjustable viscosity and gel time

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Vikodeck® Shield for Kongsberg's NASAMS

Vikodeck® Shield for Kongsberg’s NASAMS

KDA has developed an impressive Air Defense System, offering enhanced flexibility and coverage during its operation. However, this very feature posed an unforeseen problem.
Maintenance free deck protection

Maintenance free deck protection

On platforms and FPSOs, decks are subject to conditions such as extreme weather, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, movements, heavy impact, etc.
Resolving Pipe Penetration Seal challenges for an Offshore project

Resolving Pipe Penetration Seal challenges for an Offshore project

A topside installation was identified and modified to fit the existing deck.

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