Resolving Pipe Penetration Seal challenges for an Offshore project

An existing deck, that should be used for a new project, needed penetration seals to ensure that all unnecessary penetrations and the ones that should be re-used was tight and fire secured when the new topside installation came in place. This was a part of an offshore project for a leading international oil and gas operator. The deck had been exposed to harsh conditions for several years and required modifications to be able to be re-used. This required an alternative engineering approach. A topside installation was identified and modified to fit the existing deck.

Before the deck could be approved for re-use, it had to undergo an extensive refurbishment process. It was noticed that the deck had a complex design for many of the penetrations and significantly deviated from standard design, adding complexity to the approval procedure.

One of the primary obstacles faced by the Vipo surveyor was the deck’s limited spaces, with protruding edges causing additional challenges. Our team assessed the layout, identifying areas where adjustments could be made to improve functionality and eliminate potential hazards. Through careful planning and detailed engineering, we successfully removed certain edges, improved accessibility and simplified the complex design with our flexible rubber seals securing the area for potential fires.

After the modification work with Vipo’s penetration seals, the modified deck met the required safety standards. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of sealing technologies, we designed and implemented robust penetration seals, effectively addressing potential risks associated with fluid, gas, and electrical connections. Our tailored approach and attention to details resulted in a highly secure and reliable sealing system, aligning with the customer’s stringent quality requirements. Many of the seals were designed with a special design that was customized for its specific purpose.

Throughout the project the components were delivered on time ensuring no delay and cost savings. With dedication and commitment, we at Vipo and our customer solved the complicated challenges with the pipe penetration seals for the operator.