Vikodeck® Shield for Kongsberg’s NASAMS

When it comes to defense technology, innovation and problem-solving are paramount to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of military systems. This success story highlights the collaborative effort between Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace (KDA), a renowned defense technology company, and Vipo, a specialized materials provider, in overcoming a critical challenge faced by Kongsberg's NASAMS (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) deployment.

KDA has developed an impressive Air Defense System, offering enhanced flexibility and coverage during its operation. However, this very feature posed an unforeseen problem. We solved this by placing Vikodeck® Shield protecting the critical area, ensuring that the missile system was ready for use.

Recognizing the significance of this challenge, KDA reached out to us, due to their previous experience of our expertise in developing specialized materials for various applications. Our reputation for innovative solutions and commitment to quality made us the ideal partner for this critical issue. After understanding the problem at hand, our team of engineers and material experts swiftly began brainstorming and designing a solution.

The protection system that we chose to use was Vikodeck® Shield, a specialized rubber material infused with fire protection capabilities. Vikodeck® Shield is engineered to withstand the immense heat, pressure, and potential blast effects caused by a missile launch. Our team used their expertise to tailor-make a new form of Vikodeck® Shield, creating a custom protection sheet to our customers’ requirements. This sheet aims to safeguard previously acclaimed sensitive areas of the system to ensure enhanced operation capabilities in the field. The successful implementation of Vikodeck® Shield marked a good milestone in the partnership between KDA and Vipo. The innovative material not only offered the required protection to the electronic components but also exhibited exceptional durability and fire resistance.



The collaborative success between KDA and Vipo in solving this intricate issue showcases the power of innovation, expertise, and teamwork in the defense industry. By identifying a problem and working together to engineer an effective solution, our two companies not only ensured the continued reliability of the NASAMS system but also set a high standard for how challenges in the field of defense technology can be overcome through ingenuity and collaboration.