Maintenance free deck protection

Damaged deck protection is continuously causing challenges on offshore oil and gas installations. On platforms and FPSOs, decks are subject to conditions such as extreme weather, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, movements, heavy impact from dropped containers, forklifts, helicopters, etc.

The one challenge on offshore oil and gas installations that we keep seeing return the most is damaged deck protection. On platforms and FPSOs, decks are subject to conditions such as extreme weather, temperature fluctuations, vibrations from machinery, heavy impact from dropped containers, trucks, helicopters and more, movement in the structure and basically all sorts of wear and tear.

Fixing the damaged and corroded deck and repairing and applying new deck protection does not only cost a lot and require a lot of time, but it also takes the area out of operation while under restoration.

Traditional deck protection can struggle to meet these demands and oil companies find themselves continuously repairing damaged decks for the lifetime of the platform. Restoring the damaged and corroded deck, as well as applying new deck protection, not only incurs substantial costs and demands significant time but also results in the area being temporarily unavailable for operation during the restoration process.

At Vipo we have found that our material technology responds extremely well to these challenges. The flexible nature of rubber means it is unaffected by any movement in the structure. And it absorbs the energy of objects that fall, land, or move across its surface.

This led to the development of Vikodeck®.



Vikodeck® is in all simplicity a rubber tile that is glued to the surface. The rubber compound used in Vikodeck® is tailor made for the challenges faced in an offshore environment. It has been thoroughly tested and qualified to respond to the high demands of the industry. Tests include impact tests, sound insulation, UV, Ozone, sea water, oil, static electricity and more.

Vipo can provide information on all tests on request. We can also deliver PFP certified Vikodeck® if required.

For a major oil company on the NCS, the challenges were particularly severe. Water retention under existing surface protection resulted in corrosion, cracks, holes and water was leaking to offices in floors below. The existing surface protection was removed and the Vikodeck® system was installed.

Vipo’s strategy is to focus on our material technology and leave as much as possible of the application of the solutions to those who have their core competence in offshore installation. We therefore teamed up with the ISO-supplier contracted to the platform, and only took part in the initial phase of the installation. Vipo’s supervisor trained the installers on the job and as soon as they were brought up to the required level, returned home for them to complete the installation.

Our client can finally take this issue off the to-do list once and for all, knowing that the deck is protected for the lifetime of its operation.

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