Vipo’s vision is to provide safety for people, the environment and future generations.

Since 2016, we develop, manufacture, and deliver a new generation of high performance PDCPD thermoset resins under the brand NexTene™. NexTene™ can be used for a wide range of applications from automotive industry to energies. Our expertise and the flexibility of NexTene system allow us to tune our products to specific requirements of customers.


NexTene is a durable thermoset resin, DCPD based. Formulated with the right additives, it allows a wide range of high-performance polymers combining stiffness, toughness, thermal resistance and chemical resistance.

Thanks to a specific proprietary catalyst technology, and easy process, NexTene polymers have a very low carbon footprint.



Only one odorless DCPD based polymern in the world, the GPX00 is also VOC free. Suitable for applications inside vehicles.


Tough polymer with outstanding impact resistance for a thermoset resin, corrosion resistant and suitable for large and complex parts, in a large range of applications.


All the advantages of NexTene resins in a composite matrix. High damage tolerance, high fracture toughness.

Success Stories

Underneath view of man working on offshore site with Elastopipe fire

Certified safety in the gulf of Mexico

The offshore industry is constantly innovating and increasing in sophistication, resulting in a need for equipment to be much more reliable, effective and safe.
Farris Brua bridge in Larvik, Norway

Dampening vibrations for Farris Bridge

The new Farris Bridge is designed with high-rise slanted towers, which are visually stunning but have the side effect of creating vibrations or large rotations and movements.
Birds eye view of men installing Elastopipe on offshore structure

Deluge and sprinkler safety system in Australia

Located in the Vincent Field off Western Australia is Maersk’s Ngujima-Yin, a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

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Vipo’s vision is to provide safety for people, the environment and future generations.

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