November 2023

Krokstadelva – Vipo proudly announces the successful acquisition of Trelleborg Applied Technologies Toledo (TAT Toledo), a renowned technology and manufacturing firm specializing in advanced syntactic materials, super alloys and electronics. With the completion of this strategic acquisition, TAT Toledo will now operate under the Vipo umbrella as Vipo US.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, TAT Toledo has established itself as a key player in the technology sector, focusing on the development and manufacturing of advanced syntactic materials. designed for, lightweighting, insulation, and buoyancy.

With the introduction of new technology to the super alloy segment and the knowledge within electronics to EOL systems this gives Vipo a unique opportunity to grow in non-oil and gas segments.

As a former sister company, TAT Toledo’s integration into Vipo’s organization marks a seamless transition, leveraging the strengths of both entities.

The acquisition holds immense potential for Vipo, offering a significant boost to the company’s product portfolio and will give us a very good foothold for production of Vipo products in the US. Thor Hegg Eriksen, Managing Director at Vipo, commented,

“It is a decisive and strategically significant move. The commencement of production in the United States fulfills a desire expressed by key stakeholders, including some of our most valued customers.”

In addition, Patrick Waal, Business Group Manager at Vipo, expressed confidence in the profound impact of this significant milestone on the company’s relationship with customers in the US Defense Market. The establishment of this strategic initiative is poised to fortify our commitment to delivering exceptional value and solutions to the defense market.

Key highlights of the acquisition include:

Diversification of Products and Markets: The integration of TAT Toledo into the Vipo family brings a diversified range of advanced materials to Vipo’s existing product portfolio. This diversification enables Vipo to cater to a broader market and enhances its ability to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

Research and Innovation: TAT Toledo’s expertise in technology and manufacturing aligns seamlessly with Vipo’s commitment to research and innovation. The acquisition will foster collaborative efforts in research and development, driving the creation of cutting-edge solutions that set industry standards.

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About Vipo:

Vipo has decades of experience in offering high quality corrosion, fire protection and thermal insulation solutions for demanding environments. Vipo has been delivering high-performance polymer solutions to global industries since 1896 and with a foundation of outstanding materials expertise and customer service, we support the business goals of clients in a wide and growing range of sectors. Vipo specializes in elastomer material solutions from the design to manufacturing and delivery, making them a preferred technology partner.

About Trelleborg Applied Technologies Toledo:

Trelleborg Applied Technologies Toledo (TAT Toledo) is a technology and manufacturing company founded in 1997, specializing in advanced syntactic materials for shock and sound absorption, lightweighting, insulation, and buoyancy. As a newly integrated member of the Vipo family, TAT Toledo will operate as Vipo US, contributing to Vipo’s global presence and strengthening its position in non- oil and gas segments.

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